Renewable Energy

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Amphibious Energy specialises in providing renewable energy to offshore platforms, and off-grid onshore locations. It has developed a transportable, autonomous energy container – the EnergyPod, that is powered by a specialised offshore wind turbine, and provides platforms with renewable energy.

Why the EnergyPod?

The recent Oil and Gas industry downturn has forced the industry to be more cost effective in their daily operations offshore as well as onshore. The North Sea has also moved into its decommissioning phase, as infrastructure is outdated and fields are depleted. In addition, the industry has been under pressure due to the environmental impact of oil and gas production. These challenges call for new technologies that can help the industry in not only cutting their costs, but being autonomous and also more environmentally friendly.

Amphibious Energy has focused on these challenges by developing a transportable, unique wind-driven EnergyPod that is durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. The EnergyPod can provide continuous and/or peak load for the platforms, and can be remotely controlled via Satcom.


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Environmentally friendly

  • 100% clean, renewable energy
  • Complies with regulations to protect the environment
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Combats climate change


  • All materials used are Offshore approved
  • Life time of 10+ years
  • Can be used on multiple sites during its life time
  • 2 year service intervals with major parts replacement service at 5 years

Compact & Transportable

  • All parts of the EnergyPod can be safely stored inside the container during transport
  • Assembly takes approx. 30 min
  • Can immediately produce and deliver energy after installation

Silent wind turbine

• Wind turbine noise reduction (<40dB), due to unique blade design
• Ideal for use where noise pollution is an issue



  • Generates, stores, and delivers energy in a safe manner
  • Enclosed wind turbine housing for safety
  • The Energy Management System can be monitored and controlled remotely by the operator via Satcom
  • In case of system failure, the batteries will continue to deliver power for 12 days (for continuous load system)

Reduces Operating Costs

  • Cuts diesel generator fuel costs
  • Cuts maintenance costs due to long service intervals
  • Reduces the power dump load for large conventional generators, due to low to mid power requirements on autonomous and decommissioned platforms

EnergyPods to support Central North Sea Platform

EnergyPods to support Central North Sea Platform

Amphibious Energy is proud to announce it secured a contract for the delivery of two EnergyPods for the Wood Group in the UK. These 100% renewable power units will support a decommissioned platform in the Central North Sea with its load requirements until complete...