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Amphibious Energy is a renewable energy company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We specialize in designing offshore, autonomous, 100% renewable energy power generators, that combine wind- and solar power with storage, in a compact and transportable manner. We have developed an autonomous energy container – the EnergyPod; a sustainable alternative to diesel gensets while a platform is in lighthouse mode. Powered by Amphibious Energy’s specialised patented offshore wind turbine, it provides platforms with renewable energy.


Amphibious Energy supports the following offshore sectors:

The EnergyPod

This first of its kind, transportable, autonomous energy container- the EnergyPod, is an all-in-one, plug and play package of wind- and solar energy and battery storage. It is designed to withstand harsh offshore environments.

With a unique combination of Amphibious Energy’s patented Nautilus Offshore Wind Turbine, vertical orientated solar photovoltaic panels, and battery storage integrated with the container, it directly competes with conventual transportable power generators. It fits perfectly in the ongoing energy transition by supporting the offshore industry with a zero emission option for the net-zero drive.




 Cost Reduction

  • Reduces Post CoP OPEX
  • Cuts fuel costs
  • Cuts maintenance costs due to long service intervals
  • Flexible 18-60 month lease option
  • More than 50% cost savings over 60 months vs. a diesel genset

Durable & Reliable

  • Designed and certified for the harsh offshore environment
  • Can be used on multiple sites during its lifetime
  • Nautilus OWT has a 3 x longer lifespan in harsh environments than propeller turbines
  • Yearly service intervals


  • All parts stored inside the container during transport
  • 10ft or 20ft DNV 2.7.1 offshore container
  • Small footprint of 7.5m2
  • Assembly takes approx. 90 min
  • Immediately produces energy after installation
  • Space available inside the container for additional user equipment


  • Smoke detection system integrated
  • Control panel including safe shutdown
  • Additional redundancy available
  • The enclosed wind turbine housing protects the safety of the crew
  • Battery autonomy for 4-10 days
  • Surveillance systems include remote monitoring and control from onshore

100% clean

  • 100% clean, renewable energy
  • Wind turbine noise reduction (<40dB)
  • Supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 13
  • Significant reduction of NOx and CO2 emissions
  • Avoids diesel spillage during refueling
  • Bird-friendly wind turbine

Amphibious Energy’s EnergyPod Selected for ZE-Gen Demonstrator

Amphibious Energy’s EnergyPod Selected for ZE-Gen Demonstrator

A significant stride toward global sustainable energy solutions was announced on the 13th of March at the Transforming Energy Access Forum 2024 in Kigali. Amphibious Energy, a leader in renewable energy innovations, proudly reveals its participation in the Zephattan...