The EnergyPod is benefitted with an extremely compact design. During transit, all of the components can be safely fitted inside the container, which makes the product easy to transport. Due to its mobility, its rapid (dis)assembly time, and its durability, the EnergyPod can be used on multiple platforms during its life time.

The specialised, patented wind turbine and its unique brake system can operate under extreme conditions and still deliver peak energy. It will start generating energy at wind speeds of 3m/s (cut-in speed), and it functions optimally in turbulent as well as in laminar winds.

The EneryPod comes with a satcom connection, which gives the operators the opportunity to remotely control the units from their own desktop.





Footprint: 10m²

Height: 6m

Length: 3.5m

Width: 3m

Gross Weight: 4500 kg

Extremely compact design

(Dis)assembled within 30 minutes


Amphibious Energy has also developed a Hybrid EnergyPod which, in addition to the wind turbine(s), will include solar PV panels for optimal power generation. This hybrid model is ideal for remote, off-grid onshore locations, for example Shale Gas and Oil Sand fields, but can also be used Offshore. Please visit our Onshore product page for more information on our Hybrid/Onshore EnergyPods.

Note: All EnergyPods can be coupled with (existing) diesel generator sets