The International Maritime Organisation has called for improvement of energy efficiency on new ships. The coming years, international shipping will face more environmental restrictions. The use of fuels containing SOx is already restricted in ports and the use of diesel gensets are discouraged, and will most likely be restricted in the near future. Therefore, the transition to a clean shipping sector requires a rapid shift back to energy-efficient designs using renewable energy technologies.

The EnergyPod offers a clean replacement for diesel gensets and provides renewable power on-board and shore-side with customized battery banks. When these are charged at sea, both through the ship’s engines and by the EnergyPod itself, ample power is available when docked. While in port, the EnergyPod continues to generate power, without the need to use the ship’s diesel engines. This will result in the reduction of harmful emissions in port areas.

The EnergyPod provides load in any voltage to run vital AC/DC continuous/peak load systems including:

  • Navigational aids loads
  • HMI panel view
  • Telephone & sounder
  • AIS radio
  • Electro-hydraulic cranes
  • Deck lighting
  • Surveillance systems
  • Lighting – main deck
  • Lighting – mezzanine deck
  • Lighting – cellar deck
  • Lighting – boat landing
  • Lighting – E & I Room
  • Lighting – life raft
  • Small power receptacles – cellar deck
  • Battery chargers

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