Oil & Gas


Our first of its kind electrical power generators- the EnergyPods, are a sustainable alternative for diesel gensets while a platform is in lighthouse mode. It supports the cost reduction CoP OpEx drive (running at half the cost of an equivalent diesel genset) for late life- cycle of offshore assets due to be decommissioned.

The EnergyPods are custom-build units to fit the platforms’ load requirements before deployment. So, in addition to supporting the drive for cost reduction and net-zero, the use of an EnergyPod also reduces offshore installation time by being a plug-and-play single lift unit.

Supporting the late life of an asset, the autonomous EnergyPod provides continuous as well as peak load for all vital systems on-board the unmanned platform during the safe-making and disassembly process. It is designed to withstand the harsh offshore environment. The self-sustainable unit includes remote monitoring of essential warning systems to ensure fulfilment of the obstruction marking obligations for platforms. The EnergyPod can provide load in any voltage to run vital AC/DC continuous/peak load systems ranging from, but not limited to:

  • Navigational aids loads
  • Flashing beacons
  • Fog horns
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Pump Motors
  • PLC SCADA system
  • HMI panel view
  • Autosafe panel
  • Smoke detection
  • TMD monitor
  • UPS/Telemetry
  • Telephone & sounder
  • AIS radio
  • Electro-hydraulic cranes
  • Lighting
  • Surveillance systems
  • ICCP (Impressed Current Corrosion Protection) systems
  • Battery chargers

Rigsafe generator

All offshore EnergyPods are available as Rig-safe generators, which have been modified to accommodate the minimum additional safety features as required for safe operation on oil & gas installations. ATEX EnergyPods for hazards environments are available on special request.

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