Amphibious Energy has developed a sustainable energy plant; the EnergyPod. The EnergyPod uses sun, wind, batteries and intelligent electronics and comes in the form of an easy-to-transport DNV offshore container, available in various sizes. Because the EnergyPod functions autonomously and requires almost no maintenance, it is cost-effective alternative to the diesel generator.

    CORROSION, with more than 27 years’ experience in anti-corrosion technology, has developed a compact ICCP (impressed current cathodic protection) unit which is a sustainable alternative to sacrificial anodes and expensive coatings to prevent corrosion. The metal construction is polarized, which prevents corrosion and degradation of coatings


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     Amphibious Energy and CORROSION have combined these technologies to create the ICCP-Pod. The sustainable solution is to use the EnergyPod in combination with CORROSION’s ICCP during the construction phase. After the large wind turbine has been installed and grid-connected, it can supply energy to the ICCP system itself. During the construction phase the ICCP-Pod generates its own energy and protect the structure against rust and degradation. The wind farm owner can therefore save substantial costs because no or only a light coating is sufficient since the structure is protected against corrosion from the very beginning.

    In addition, the ICCP-Pod can also be equipped with basic facilities, such as toilets and first aid cases, which support the basic health and safety aspects during the construction and service phase.


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    Wind Nautilus Offshore Wind Turbine
    PMG Permanent Megnet Generator
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