This design is a special, non-standard configuration. The standard design of the TwinPod has been modified to create an overnight accommodation for four people. The battery packs are placed under the floor to create more space. Various provisions are made in the TwinPod, such as sanitary facilities, a small kitchen, folding beds and a small office. In addition, windows, ventilation, heating and air conditioning are installed. For the supply of fresh water, a desalination system can be installed in combination with a fresh water tank and a dirty water tank. The dirty water tank will be equipped with a purification system, so that the water can be periodically discharged into the sea.

The OvernightPod offers the operator a carefree, 24/7 continuous load for its unmanned platform and simultaneously offers accommodation during service or emergency intervals.

Day time view

Night time view


Two types of OvernightPod designs are available:

Standard OvernightPod:

Standard OvernightPod: (configured to include a genset or be connected to an external genset)

Solar Solar PV panels vertical orientaded and calibrated
Wind Nautilus Offshore Wind Turbine
PMG Permanent Megnet Generator
* For short periods of time

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