This design is a special, non-standard configuration. The standard design of the MonoPod has been modified to create a shelter with basic amenities for the on-deck crew. The battery packs are placed under the floor to create more space. Various provisions are made inside the MonoPod, such as sanitary facilities, a small kitchen-office combo and ER equipment. In addition, windows, ventilation, heating and air conditioning can also be installed. For the supply of fresh water, a fresh water tank and a dirty water tank will be installed which requires manual filling and emptying. Alternatively can a automatic desalination system be added to provide fresh water and the sewage tank be equipped with a purification system.

    This converted MonoPod offers the operator a carefree, 24/7 continuous load for its unmanned platform and simultaneously offers a shelter for the crew during service or emergency intervals. In addition, a diesel gen-set charger can be added to covert the MonoPod into a hybrid shelter when more on-deck power will be required during maintenance intervals.



    Solar Solar PV panels vertical orientaded and calibrated
    Wind Nautilus Offshore Wind Turbine
    PMG Permanent Megnet Generator
    * For short periods of time

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